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Thursday, July 7, 2016
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Legislative Daily Update Day: Day 34 of 38

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HB 1010;  revise certain provisions relating to the development of park and recreational improvements on lands leased to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.This is a rule and language clean-up Bill requested by GFP  Hearing; Passed  House Passed Senate Signed by Gov.

HB 1011; repeal certain obsolete and unnecessary statutes concerning game preserves and refuges. GFP requested law Hearing;  Passed House to Passed  Senate Signed by Gov.

HB 1024; make an appropriation for the maintenance and repair of state owned dams and to declare an emergency.   SD needs to keep up the maintenance of our dams. ,  Passed Joint Appropriations to Senate passed Senate Signed by Gov.

HB 1075 
HB 1082; codify the list of navigable streams requiring gates. SDWF monitoring, Changes Rules into Codified Law, no change in restrictions or laws. Passed House Passed Senate Signed by Gov.

HB 1106 exempt certain trees from requirements related to the removal of vegetation and debris from township road rights-of-way and to extend general immunity from certain civil liability for trees located in the township road right-of-way. SDWF Supports, Died in House Local Govt.


HB 1109 exempt from liability persons who voluntarily maintain certain no maintenance roads. SDWF Monitoring Sponsor withdrew DEAD


HB 1115: revise the number of special nonresident waterfowl licenses that may be issued for certain open units. SDWF Opposes  Passed House Ag 2-2-2016 to Failed in House


HB 1140 Zoning changes in Counties, To Gov for Sig.

HB 1151require legislative approval of certain land acquisitions by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. Very similar to SB 56 that was defeated in Senate State Affairs yesterday, SDWF Opposes, no willing landowner (seller) should have to wait up to a year for a decision on a land purchase. Full House Failed to Pass 24 nays to 44 yeas (DEAD)

HB 1178 authorize township boards to prohibit the operation of certain off-road vehicles along township highways. SDWF opposes  Sponsor withdrew DEAD


HB 1180 limit the terms of certain conservation easements SDWF opposes Perpetual Easements is a very important tool that should be available on a voluntary type arrangement good for some but not for all, by choice of the landowner. Failed House   DEAD 


HB 1199 revise certain provisions regarding the minimum age to procure hunting and fishing license SDWF Opposes House Ag killed


HB 1200 require the Game, Fish and Parks Commission to provide for an earlier archery deer hunting season. SDWF Opposes House Ag, Killed


HB 1206 authorize the use of handguns in the hunting of game birds. SDWF Opposes Failed on House Floor (DEAD)


SB 4provide for the assessment of certain agricultural land as noncropland. SDWF supports this Legislation, grass guys need a break on their taxes to keep grass in grass and not converted to crops. Tabeled by Senate Ag DEAD


SB 56; require legislative approval of all land acquisitions by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. SDWF will oppose  Sponsor withdrew the Bill DEAD


SB 58 revise certain restrictions for the use of night-vision equipment for hunting under certain conditions.  SDWF is monitoring, This Bill if passed will allow up to 2 people to shoot predators skunks, raccoon,at night with either a spotlight or night vision WITH the landowner or tenant present and would allow rifles under .225 cal used along with shotguns, Up to 2 people shooting in the dark with a .223 rifle is that safe? Passed Senate passed House to Gov.


SB 71revise the provisions regarding the issuance of small game licenses and fishing licenses to certain veterans at reduced fees and to authorize certain nonresident veterans to get nonresident small game licenses at a reduced fee. SDWF Monitoring Passed Senate to Passed House too Gov. desk

SB 78 deposit money in the permanent school fund based on certain acres of school and public lands open to public hunting.SDWF will oppose, why should the public pay to use public land? 2-4-2016, Senate Failed to pass DEAD


SB 80 limit certain liability for hosts of fishing tournaments. SDWF Monitoring  Passed Senate Passed House to Gov.


SB 107 clarify certain safety zone restrictions on hunting, SDWF Monitoring, takes away private property rights to allow or give permission to hunt the road ROW with in the 660 ft safety zone Passed Passed full Senate Passed  House  to Gov. for sig.


SB 136 permit certain cropland along lakes, rivers, and streams to be assessed as noncropland. SDWF Supporting Passed Senate Passed House to Gov.

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