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Legislative Daily Update

Friday, July 28, 2017
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Legislative Daily Update : Day 37 of 38
We were up there today, watching to the end.....I think we had a very good year! I want to thank Dave Nauman for his dedicated help and guidance daily!

I also want to thank each and everyone of you.....Without you we would not be the force we are....THANK YOU!!! Please look for future help we may need in the GFP Commission and again next year in the next Legislative Session!


HB = House Bill  SB = Senate Bill
SDWF comments on the Bill
Location of Bill and scheduled hearing of Bill
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House Bills:
Senate Bills:

HJR 1001 Proposing and submitting to the voters at the next general election an amendment to Article XXI of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota relating to hunting, fishing, trapping. SDWF is in favor of this HJR and we are looking forward to helping it pass and it being on our next ballot. House State Affairs passed to 41st day (DEAD)

HB 1094 Provides for transferring certain landowner hunting licenses. SDWF will oppose, the current lottery system guarantees anyone who applies for a hunting lic. has the equal opportunity to get one. It is not based on your economic ability to pay for a license to hunt the public's wildlife. 1-31-2017, Dies on House floor 16 yeas to 52 nays with 2 excused. (DEAD)

HB 1095 Revises certain provision regarding resident fishing possession limits. Amended to very strict bill.  Passed House  Passed Senate To Gov.

HB 1138 Revises certain provisions regarding lands owned by GFP. SDWF is opposed. GFP needs to remain as the landowner so they can pay propert taxes yearly of $1.3 million to Counties.
House Ag. Passed to 41st day. (DEAD)

HB 1150 Provides for the issuance of certain hunting licenses to non-resident military veterans at the resident rate. SDWF is monitoringPassed House To Senate Appropriations Tabled 7-2 (DEAD)
HB 1168  revises certain provisions regarding non-resident waterfowl licSDWF opposes it effectively doubles the hunting days that would actually be hunted. Turns 1 10 day license into 2 5 day lic.
House voted to kill  (DEAD)
HB 1177 Accommodate legislation regarding certain big game depredation. SDWF is monitoring very closely. House ag. Tabled requested by sponsor (DEAD)
SB 66 Specifically classify certain agricultural land as riparian buffer strips, to establish the criteria for the riparian buffer strip classification, and to provide for the taxation thereof. SDWF supports this and thinks it is a important first step in helping clean SD waters. Passed Senate passed House To Gov. for his signature.
SB 114 Make an appropriation to GFP to provide for the purchase and land exchange of properties held by the Office of School and Public Lands and declare an emergency SDWF is reviewingWas Tabled (DEAD)

SB 123 Revises the area where certain nonresident waterfowl licences can be used. SDWF will oppose it if passed it will add Spink Co. to the limited area that non-resident waterfowl hunters can hunt. This is just another expansion where the non-resident waterfowl hunters can go.  Passed Senate, Passed House To the Gov.
SB 130 Revises provisions regarding the amount licensing agents may collect on the sale of certain license for GFP. SDWF will monitor.  Passed Senate House Ag, Amended and passed to full House

SB 133 Accommodates legislation regarding the Missouri River. SDWF is monitoring the Bill contains nothing but a title for some other related use yet to come.  Passed Senate Ag. Tabled (DEAD)
SB 139 Provide the permitting of waterfowl outfitters, and to dedicate fees and surcharges paid by waterfowl outfitters for use on certain game production areas. SDWF is opposed Senate will hoghouse and if passed will create 3000 new nonresident  3 day waterfowl lic. good on private land only. Senate defeated it 16 yeas to 19 nays

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