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Legislative Daily Update

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
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Legislative Daily Update Day: Day 38 of 39

Everything is pretty much done, the Legislature convenes one more day to address any veto's by the Governor. HB 1192 was only funded at $350,000 dollars far short of the ask by the Gov.'s office and the supporting groups. It seems to me a lot of people gladly sell our natural resources here in SD, but few want to do anything about preserving our natural resources for our future?

THANK YOU for all that you did to help us pass or to defeat bad Legislation.

HB=House Bill SB=Senate Bill

SDWF comments on the Bill

Location of Bill and scheduled hearings:

Link to actual Bill: 


House Bills:


Senate Bills:





 Finalization of Bills;

HB 1006 allow bullheads to be used as bait. In SD bullheads are listed as a game fish and cannot be used as bait, this if passed would allow the GFP Commission to establish rules so bullheads can be used. Passed House Passed Senate to Gov. 



HB 1017 repeal certain outdated and unnecessary provisions related to the Department of Revenue. In the meat of this Bill is language to remove some 1972 legislation that directs the state to annually study and considers the possibility of designating river stretches as wild and scenic in SD. Passed House Passed Senate to Gov.'s desk


 HB 1122 authorize township boards to designate certain roads as no maintenance roads. SDWF supports with House Amendment , Passed House Passed Senate  To Gov.



HB 1146 limit who may request to see a person's hunting or fishing license.

SDWF monitoring, Now you have to show anyone your hunting/fishing license upon demand, if passed this would limit only CO and law enforcement personnel may, also amended was to allow a landowner on their own land that they control the access to can ask also. Passed House Passed Senate to Gov.


HB 1152 limit the terms of certain conservation easements. SDWF Opposes this landowners should be able to place any  type of easement on THEIR private  property. Dead passed to 41st day.

HB 1192 make an appropriation for the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat and to declare an emergency. Senate funded $350.000



SB 2 provide for the establishment of river basin natural resource districts and to repeal certain provisions regarding county drainage management.  . SDWF monitoring but is acceptable as amended.Senate passed to Passed House to Gov.


SB 83 authorize a board of county commissioners to designate certain section line roads and secondary roads as no maintenance and to revise certain provisions to vacate, change, or locate a highway by a board of county commissioners. Looks like this Legislation if passed would help to alleviate the problems in NE SD and access, very good start but could be stronger. Was withdrawn by the sponsor.


SB 129 revise provisions relating to trespass associated with hunting, fishing, or trapping. SDWF opposes; There are already 3 different laws to cover trespassing, do we need another? Senate failed to pass 12 yeas, 21 nays 

SB 143 revise certain provisions regarding group hunting and possession of firearms. Sdwf monitoring is suppose to be pulled by sponsor)No copy of Bill available yet; Senate Ag. 2-5-2014, 10 am

SB 166 revise the method used to calculate the petition signatures to place initiated measures on the ballot and to declare an emergency  Tabled by Sponsor.

SB 171 authorize residents with out-of-state driver licenses to maintain resident hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges. Sponsor Tabled.
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