Legislative Information Sheet

HB=House Bill SB=Senate Bill SDWF comments on the Bill Location of Bill and scheduled hearings: Link to actual Bill: House Bills: Senate Bills Finalizations: HB 1006 provide for the assessment and taxation of agricultural land based on its actual use. Good Bill SDWF supports Tabled (Dead) http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?
File=HB1006P.htm&Session=2014 HB 1012 provide for free resident fishing licenses for certain entities teaching basic fishing skills. Dept. Bill if passed would allow the GFP to allow free fishing licenses to groups teaching fishing. Passed House passed Senate to Gov. http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?
File=HB1012P.htm&Session=2014 HB 1013 authorize construction of a visitor center and associated interpretive displays at Good Earth State Park and to declare an emergency. Dept. Bill. Passed House to Senate To Gov. http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?
File=HB1013P.htm&Session=2014 HB 1014 increase the nonrefundable application fee for resident bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and elk licenses. Dept. Bill. Passed House Passed Senate Passed to Gov. http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?
File=HB1014P.htm&Session=2014 HB 1068 revise provisions relating to the use of dogs in hunting mountain lions. Would allow the use of dogs outside the Black Hills Fire District to kill Mt. Lions. Passed House Senate killed http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?File=HB1068P.htm&Session=2014 HB 1076 revise certain requirements relating to party fishing. If passed would allow party fishing, meaning everyone could fish to get everyone's limit. Passed House Passed Senate to Gov. tp://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?
File=HB1076P.htm&Session=2014 HB 1083 An Act to restrict the term of conservation easements SDWF Opposes, should be the landowners private property right to put a perpetual easement onto their property, if passed limits to 99 years Passed Full House defeated 17 to 51 (Dead) http://mlist.orchidsuites.net/lists/lt.php?id=KkoGAgBSVgBQBVBICFBWAg5JB1ZQC1NT 
HB 1097 revise the criteria for classifying property as agricultural land. This would change the criteria for assessment on Ag. land, it does leave all of GFP classified as Ag. land which is the cheapest level available. passed to House to Senate Ag.Tabled (Dead) http://legis.sd.gov/Legislative_Session/Bills/Bill.aspx?File=HB1097P.htm&Session=2014