Day 13 of 37

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Legislative Daily Update: Day 13 of 37

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PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO SEND EMAIL TO Senate Local Govt. and ask them to vote NO on SB 79, as per action alert sent on Monday.

SB 75 passed Senate Ag on a vote of 8 to 0 in favor, it will move to the floor now where it will need a 2/3 vote to pass the floor due to the fees.

SB 150 was introduced with GFP and the Gov.’s office support to turn all NR waterfowl Lic. To 2 5 day Lic. Instead of one 10 day. If passed could double the amount of NR pressure if they come back again, today the avg. is 5 days hunted on a 10 day Lic.

HB = House Bill     SB = Senate Bill

SDWF comments on the Bill

Location of Bill and scheduled hearing of Bill

Link to actual Bill

House Bills: 

HB 1059 revise certain provisions regarding hunting with drones. SDWF supports, brings the use of drones into alignment with federal laws. We would like to see the time period when drones cannot be used for hunting predators extended to cover all open big game seasons, but it is not in the bill. No Hearing scheduled,

HB 1071 revise provisions regarding surface water quality complaints. SDWF supports. This bill makes it easier to prosecute flagrant violations of water quality laws. No Hearing scheduled

HB 1095 revise requirements regarding hunting mentors SDWF supports, it appears to allow any adult to be a mentor resident or not No hearing scheduled

HB 1111 revise provisions regarding the qualifications to serve on the Game, Fish and Parks Commission. SDWF monitoring, if passed it would require each Commission candidate to show proof of criteria to serve as a Commissioner. No hearing scheduled

HB 1121 establish immunity from liability for the inherent risks of camping. SDWF is monitoring bill. No hearing scheduled

HB 1181 revise certain provisions regarding bounties for coyotes. SDWF monitoring No hearing Scheduled

HB 1184 provide limited deer and antelope licenses to landownersSDWF opposes this bill. While we sympathize with nonresident landowners, this bill gives guaranteed any deer tags and free doe tags to nonresident landowners and their families. This bill could potentially remove thousands of deer and antelope tags from the pool of licensees now currently available, including those that go to resident landowners No hearing scheduled

HB 1200 establish dates for the mowing of ditches on the state trunk highway system. SDWF is monitoring. No hearing scheduled

Senate Bills:

SB 75 provide for a habitat stamp on hunting and fishing licenses. SDWF supports, and has been working on the language of this bill with the sponsor and support the bill in its current form. Hearing; Passed Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources, to full Senate

SB 79 modify provisions regarding the building of fences across certain unimproved highways SDWF is strongly opposed. The proposed change in current law appears to be an attempt by an organization of landowners and outfitters to prevent the hunting of small game and waterfowl on roads which by definition are currently considered to be improved. The change will not necessarily stop public travel, but will serve to close off hundreds of miles of section line roads to the hunting of small game and waterfowl. The change would also encourage the destruction of grassland habitat and prevent what is currently lawful hunting and trapping of nest predators and coyotes. Hearing 745amm Senate Local Gov., RM 412 Action alert sent earlier

SB 124 to revise provisions regarding group pheasant hunts for disabled veterans. SDWF will monitor No hearing scheduled

SB 150 an Act to revise nonresident waterfowl licensure. SDWF opposes, No Hearing scheduled.


How to contact your Legislator:

Go to this will pull up all members of the House and Senate simply click on the Legislator you want your message sent to and create or paste your message.

If you do not know who your Legislator is go to this link:

Or call and leave a message with the pages; tell them who message is for, the message, who you are. The page will deliver your phone message to their desk

Senate 773-3821

House 773-3851

Please write your response in your own words. It is fine to use our suggestions, but best if you do not simply just copy our points. Make your message a personal note from you to them. Include a family fishing picture if you have one for effect. As always, be polite and respectful.

Please include your name, number and address on all messages sent to your Legislators.

Thank you for all that you do! Together we can and do make a difference!




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