day 3 of 38 Daily Legislative Update

Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Nothing new was introduced today, they will gavel in and out tomorrow (Friday) so I don’t expect anything new tomorrow. I have heard that SB 24 will be scheduled for one week from today. Jan. 18 in Senate Ag. There is no Session on Monday.

Legislative Daily Update: Day 3 of 38

HB = House Bill     SB = Senate Bill

SDWF comments on the Bill

Location of Bill and scheduled hearing of Bill

Link to actual Bill

House Bills:

HB 1046 allow certain resident farmers or ranchers to receive a big game license during the Black Hills deer season. This is a GFP Bill, it would establish a landowner preference tag for landowners in the Black Hills. No scheduled hearing

HB 1047 revise certain provisions defining fur-bearing animals. GFP Bill it adds River Otter and Fisher to fur bearers list. No scheduled hearing

Senate Bills:

SB 24 extend the effective date of certain provisions regarding the recreational use of nonmeandering water. No scheduled hearing


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