Day 4 of 37

Friday, January 15, 2021

Legislative Daily Update: Day 4 of 37

Brought to you by SDWF Camo-Coalition

Here is a listing of bills so far, looks like some of the Hose bills will be heard next Thursday will put it down when they are scheduled.

HB = House Bill     SB = Senate Bill

SDWF comments on the Bill

Location of Bill and scheduled hearing of Bill

Link to actual Bill

House Bills: 

HB 1034 revise certain youth hunting requirements. Changes the age definition for youth from 16 to 18, No action scheduled

HB 1035 remove the locking seal requirement for the transportation of big game animals. Does away with the recruitment to have a tag, No action scheduled

HB 1036 correct technical errors in certain code cross-references regarding the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. SDWF-Camo will monitor No action scheduled.

HB1042 revise certain provisions regarding riparian buffer strips. It appears it changes some criteria SDWF-Camo will monitor No action scheduled.

HB1047 provide limited deer and antelope licenses to landowners. GFP is supporting the ability of Non-Res landowners to get up to 2 tags for their land, as long as they own a min. of 160 ac, these proposed tags are good for only on their own land. The problem is last year 10,000 residents didn’t get their first choice of ER deer, and with an additional possibility of 8,000 more tags where do you think the number will be cut from? No action scheduled.

Senate Bills:

SB 72 revise notification requirements for listing and delisting species on the threatened and endangered species list. If passed would allow a rule to be placed to allow SDWF-Camo will monitor No action scheduled



How to contact your Legislator:

Go to  this will pull up all members of the House and Senate simply click on the Legislator you want your message sent to and create or paste your message.

If you do not know who your Legislator is go to this link:

Or call and leave a message with the pages; tell them who message is for, the message, who you are. The page will deliver your phone message to their desk

Senate 773-3821

House 773-3851

Please write your response in your own words. It is fine to use our suggestions, but best if you do not simply just copy our points. Make your message a personal note from you to them. Include a family fishing picture if you have one for effect. As always, be polite and respectful.

Please include your name, number and address on all messages sent to your Legislators.

Thank you for all that you do! Together we can and do make a difference!



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