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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Legislative Daily Update Day: Day 32 of 38
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All of the bills we were concerned with have run their course.  Below, under "Finalizations", is what is left and their status.  The 37th  day is March 14th with the 38th day being March 31st for vetoes and last day stuff. We will continue to monitor and update but I think all is done.
HB=House Bill   SB=Senate Bill
SDWF comments on the Bill
Location of Bill and scheduled hearings:
Link to actual Bill: 
House Bills:   
Senate Bills: 
HB 1006 provide for the assessment and taxation of agricultural land based on its actual use. 
Good Bill SDWF supports.
Tabled (Dead) 
HB 1012 provide for free resident fishing licenses for certain entities teaching basic fishing skills. 
Dept. Bill.  If passed would allow the GFP to allow free fishing licenses to groups teaching fishing. 
HB 1013 authorize construction of a visitor center and associated interpretive displays at Good Earth State Park and to declare an emergency. 
Dept. Bill. 
HB 1014 increase the nonrefundable application fee for resident bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and elk licenses. 
Dept. Bill.  
HB 1068 revise provisions relating to the use of dogs in hunting mountain lions. 
Would allow the use of dogs outside the Black Hills Fire District to kill Mt. Lions. 

HB 1076 revise certain requirements relating to party fishing
If passed would allow party fishing, meaning everyone could fish to get everyone's limit. 
HB 1083 An Act to restrict the term of conservation easements 
SDWF Opposes, should be the landowners private property right to put a perpetual easement onto their property, if passed limits to 99 years   
Passed Full House defeated 17 to 51 (Dead) 
HB 1097 revise the criteria for classifying property as agricultural land. 
This would change the criteria for assessment on Ag. land, it does leave all of GFP classified as Ag. land which is the cheapest level available.  
HB 1102 authorize the use of artificial light to hunt coyotes under certain conditions SDWF Opposes, we do not think that the added un-safe practices in the use of artificial light shooting coyotes is needed. 
HB 1103 require the Game, Fish and Parks Commission to provide for an earlier archery deer hunting season
This is so the people the bill was created for could shoot a buck in velvet.
House Ag. Passed to 41st day (Dead)  
HB 1110 revise certain provisions regarding the definition of a resident for the purposes of hunting, fishing, and trapping licenses. 
SDWF is monitoring.
HB 1116 permit the holders of grazing and agricultural leases on school and public lands to control access to hunt on those lands. 
House Judiciary passed to 41st day (Dead)
HB 1118 clarify certain provisions about discharging firearms in safety zones Passed House To  Passed Senate  to Gov.
HB 1130 authorize the use of crossbows for hunting big game animals during the firearm season  
HB 1138 deposit money in the permanent school fund for certain school and public lands adjacent to walk-in areas. 
SDWF Opposes and would be a diversion of funds for GFP if passed. 
House Appropriations, Tabled (Dead)
HB 1154 authorize the commissioner of school and public lands to grant certain surface and subsurface easements to provide access to oil, gas, minerals, and geothermal resources. 
Passed House To Senate to Gov.
HB 1171 revise provisions relating to trespass associated with hunting, fishing, or trapping.
HB 1182 provide for the establishment of crossbow hunting seasons during certain archery hunting seasons. 
SDWF opposes the establishment of another type of hunting and another number of license, we feel our deer herds are already providing the most opportunities it can. House Judiciary,Tabled (Dead)
HB 1185 Allows GFP Commission to set waterfowl numbers.  
HB 1208 restrict access to certain waters that inundate private property.
HB 1209 provide for reimbursement of property taxes paid on certain private lands inundated by the waters of non meandered lakes. 
Tabled by sponsor (Dead)
HB 1211 establish the right to have a firearm in a motor vehicle under most circumstance. 
House Transportation passed to 41st day (Dead)
HB 1215 provide for the issuance of free fishing licenses to residents aged eighty-five and older.
SB 76 revise certain provisions relating to the killing of mountain lions that threaten personal safety or property.
Would allow the killing of Mt. lions anytime you see one or feel threatened. Passed Senate to  Failed House Dead 
SB 104 authorize the hunting of coyotes using artificial light under certain conditions.Passed Senate to Passed House to Gov.
SB 146 revise certain provisions regarding the closure of county and township roads due to high water.
SDWF does support this bill.
With drawn by sponsors Sen. Holien of Watertown is going to hog-house this bill for us and is a companion bill to SB 169.
SB 164 revise the allocation of certain temporary nonresident waterfowl hunting licenses.
SB 169 provide for access to and use of public waters on public and private property and to protect private property rights for the citizens of South Dakota.
This is the bill that SDWF worked on and is going to remain neutral and will lay the facts out and let our members make up their own minds, This bill is also tied to SB146 to keep access open.
Tabled by sponsor (Dead).
Contacting your Legislators:

Please note the LRC (Legislative Research Council) has changed the email system to make it more difficult for spammers to flood the legislators with emails. Unfortunately, their cure means you are no longer able to reach multiple legislators in a very short period of time. Also, please note if you try to contact all Senators and/or Representatives on a single issue, your email address may be banned from the system.
As you will see below, when you try to contact a legislator, you will receive an email from the state webmaster. The email may be detected as spam by your provider, and you will have to find it in your spam filter(s) and mark it as �Not Spam,� or �always accept mail from this domain.� We have found this happens to some of us after we have sent three or four emails and clicked on the link sent to our email address. You can add the email address to your address book on the very first email you get, or do it now. It may help resolve the issue before it happens. The address to add
We cannot afford to have our members remain silent. You can still use the email system if you are patient and are reasonably familiar with computer word processing programs and technology. If you have a dial-up system, you will need extra time. Please try the new system.
You can use this system to try to contact your legislators: 
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  • On the left side in the blue box choose �Email a Legislator.�
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  • Fill in your district number if you know it.
  • Select who you want to send it to. The Representatives and Senators are listed in the menu in alphabetical order.
  • Fill in the subject line.     
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