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Working to Preserve South Dakota's Hunting & Fishing Heritage

The Camo Coalition

We are a group of hunters and anglers who are dedicated to protecting the wildlife management and outdoor recreation interests of South Dakota for future generations.

Legislative Weekly

Stay informed with our Legislative Weekly updates.

Week 6 Legislative Report

The legislative bills relative to Game Fish and Parks that we have been following  have all been sent to the 41st day. Likelihood of new bills or hoghouse bills being introduced in the last 3 weeks of the legislative session are very slim. We will be watching the...

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Week 5 Legislative Report

We passed the halfway point this week so it’s all downhill from here! Very light year for outdoor, wildlife, recreational issues with this year’s legislature with 450 bills introduced. I attribute that to having 29 new members in the House, they’re figuring it out and...

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Week 3 Legislative Report

House Bill 1100, An Act to authorize landowner-on-own-land elk licenses, was deferred at the request of the prime sponsor till Thursday February 2nd in order to work on the language and possible amendments. The proponents have reached out to us to have some dialogue...

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