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Action Alert – HB1100

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HB 1100 will be heard on Thursday at 7:45 AM, text of the bill is below.  This bill allows for a landowner only elk license. This is supposedly for a prairie elk license but the bill does not specify that and would leave it up to the GFP to create the units for this license which could include those units in the Black Hills. The license is not transferable. Would allow for non SD citizens to lease land and then apply for an elk license for that land.

SDWF is OPPOSED to this legislation and would ask you to contact members of the Agriculture committee whose emails are below.

An Act to authorize landowner-on-own-land elk licenses. 2 BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA: 3 Section 1. That chapter 41-6 be amended with a NEW SECTION: 4 In addition to any other licenses provided for in this chapter, the Game, Fish and 5 Parks Commission shall establish the number and type of landowner-on-own-land licenses 6 for the hunting, taking, or killing of elk. 7 Upon receipt of an application for a license described in this section, and payment 8 of the required fee, the Game, Fish and Parks Department shall issue a landowner-on9 own-land license that: 10 (1) Restricts the holder to the taking of elk, from land that the holder owns, operates, 11 or leases, within any unit, for the specified hunting season; and 12 (2) Is nontransferable.

HB 1100

You can call and leave a message for any legislator at 605 773 3851.