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South Dakota Wildlife Federation, Calls on South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Commission to pause the waterfowl proposal to gather additional data on resident waterfowl hunting statistics.

Pierre, S.D. April 12, 2023. Opening the door to additional nonresident waterfowl hunters would see a further erosion of South Dakota resident waterfowl hunting opportunity and access. South Dakota Wildlife Federation requests that the Game Fish and Parks Commission...

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SDWF Week 8 Update

There are 4 days left in the regular run of the 98th legislative session. Tax relief and in what form that will take will be the big issue of the week. Reduction in food tax, general sales tax, or tax relief for homeowners appear to be the options. Looking at it today...

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Week 6 Legislative Report

The legislative bills relative to Game Fish and Parks that we have been following  have all been sent to the 41st day. Likelihood of new bills or hoghouse bills being introduced in the last 3 weeks of the legislative session are very slim. We will be watching the...

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Week 5 Legislative Report

We passed the halfway point this week so it’s all downhill from here! Very light year for outdoor, wildlife, recreational issues with this year’s legislature with 450 bills introduced. I attribute that to having 29 new members in the House, they’re figuring it out and...

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Week 3 Legislative Report

House Bill 1100, An Act to authorize landowner-on-own-land elk licenses, was deferred at the request of the prime sponsor till Thursday February 2nd in order to work on the language and possible amendments. The proponents have reached out to us to have some dialogue...

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Action Alert – HB1100

HB 1100 will be heard on Thursday at 7:45 AM, text of the bill is below.  This bill allows for a landowner only elk license. This is supposedly for a prairie elk license but the bill does not specify that and would leave it up to the GFP to create the units for this...

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Week 1 2023 Legislative Session

Mitch Richter will be lobbying this legislative session assisted by Dave Nauman and volunteer lobbyist George Vandel. Mitch Richter is a former legislator serving 8 years from Sioux Falls in the House and for the past 20 years has been lobbying in Pierre as a contract...

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