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Camo Coalition Legislative Update: Make Your Voice Heard in Pierre!

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Attention, Wildlife Warriors!

It’s time to gear up for another week of action at the Capitol! Join the Camo Coalition this Monday at 8:00 AM in the rotunda. We’ll provide committee schedules, talking points, and help you connect with your legislators to advocate for South Dakota’s wildlife. Remember your camo – let’s show the Capitol the power of united voices!

Key Issue: Landowner Elk Bill (SB 173)

While not officially on the agenda yet, rumors point to a Thursday, February 15th hearing for SB 173, the controversial landowner elk bill. The South Dakota Wildlife Federation (SDWF) remains opposed in its current form until the public has fair access to licensing opportunities alongside landowners.

Other Bills on Our Radar:

  • SB 135: Habitat Stamp Expansion: We support this bill requiring a habitat stamp for shooting preserves and fishing licenses, generating crucial funding for conservation.
  • SB 55: Park Entry License Reform: Tightening up the entrance pass process. Buy one sticker get one half price. Some individuals were buying one and getting 10 for half price. This bill says you need to buy one to get a second one for half price. For every half price sticker, you need to purchase a full price entrance pass. Common sense should result in slightly more revenue for our parks system.
  • Other Bills: We continue to track developments with SB 174 (non-resident habitat stamp fee), SB 195 (highway vacation process), HB 1064 (lake infrastructure funding), HB 1119 (conservation specialty plate), and HB 1180 (legislative oversight of GFP land purchases).

Remember: Your voice matters! Attend the Camo Coalition meeting, contact your legislators, and express your concerns or support for these bills. Together, we can ensure a vibrant future for South Dakota’s wildlife and outdoor heritage!

Track Bills and other information at the South Dakote Legislature website.

Stay Wild, Stay Engaged, Stay Camo!

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The South Dakota Wildlife Federation

P.S. Share this update with your fellow conservation champions! The more informed and involved we are, the stronger our impact will be.