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Legislative Update: South Dakota Wildlife in the Spotlight!

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Howdy, fellow wildlife warriors! The 99th Legislative Session is galloping like a wild mustang, with 382 bills already introduced and only 4 days left before the dust settles and all bills are introduced. Buckle up, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

Elk on the Landowner’s Agenda:

One particularly hoof-stomping piece of legislation is SB 173 , the landowner elk bill. We’re hitting the trail with the Game, Fish and Parks Department (GFP) and the bill’s sponsor to ensure any potential elk license expansion is based on sound science and prioritizes sportsmen and sportswomen input. Stay tuned for updates on this pivotal issue!

Habitat Stamp Hits the Target:

Sharpen your sights, because SB 135 aims to require nonresidents purchasing a one-day fishing license or hunting preserve license to buy a habitat stamp. We’re taking aim at this bill to ensure it supports crucial conservation and habitat efforts effectively.

CAMO Day: Show Your Support for the Outdoors!

Mark your calendars for February 12th! It’s CAMO Day, and we’re calling all wildlife warriors to don their camouflage, head to the Capitol, and engage your legislators on these and other critical issues. Let’s have a record turnout and show our unwavering support for conservation and the South Dakota outdoors!

Keep Your Eyes on These Bills:
Beyond the elk and habitat stamp, several other bills we are following deserve your attention:

  • SB 14 – expand authorization for the conditional taking of coyotes from snowmobiles.
  • SB 54 – update hunting and fishing residency requirements.
  • SB 55 – remove multiple vehicle ownership as a condition for purchasing an additional park entry license at a reduced price.
  • SB 70 – to make an appropriation for the replacement of the Richmond Lake dam and spillway, for the general maintenance and repair of other state-owned dams, and to declare an emergency.
  • SB 121 – revise the process to vacate certain highways.
  • SB 135 – authorize the payment of administrative expenses from habitat stamp sales.
  • SB 139 – exempt enrolled members of Indian tribes from admission fees, camping permit fees, and park service fees at state parks or recreation areas.
  • SB 140 – prohibit the imposition of fishing and hunting license fees on members of an Indian Tribe.
  • SB 173 – provide a landowner-on-own-land license for antlerless elk.
  • SB 174 – increase the nonresident fee for a habitat stamp.
  • HB 1064 – make an appropriation for increases in the construction costs of infrastructure at Lake Alvin and Newell Lake, and to declare an emergency.
  • HB 1119 – create a habitat conservation specialty plate and emblem.
  • HB 1148 – require legislative authorization for the construction of new campgrounds and additional camping sites.
  • HB 1180 – require legislative approval for the purchase of real property by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

Stay Informed, Stay Engaged:

This is just a taste of the legislative landscape. To stay fully informed, visit the South Dakota Legislature website at and track the bills you care about. And remember, your voice matters! Contact your legislators and make your concerns heard.

Together, we can ensure a bright future for South Dakota’s wildlife and our outdoor heritage

The South Dakota Wildlife Federation

P.S. Share this update with your fellow conservation heroes! The more voices we raise, the stronger our impact will be. Let’s make this session a win for wildlife!