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South Dakota Wildlife Federation Camo Coalition Legislative Update: Stay Alert, Stay Active!

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Elk License Bill Deadlocked, Habitat Fee Bills Up Next!

Attention, Wildlife Warriors!

This week saw key developments at the Legislature. We need your continued vigilance and engagement to protect South Dakota’s wildlife for future generations.

Landowner Elk Licenses (SB 173):

Habitat Fee Bills:

  • SB 135 & 174 will be heard Tuesday. These bills propose increasing or adding habitat fees to non-resident licenses.
  • SDWF supports leveling the playing field for habitat funding.

Public Land Access Victory (SB 195):

  • This bill passed the Senate Local Government committee and will be on the Senate floor next Tuesday.
  • It opens access to public lands and waters previously closed by County Commissions and townships.
  • Listen to the discussion:
  • SDWF supports this important access measure.

Other Updates:

  • HB 1228 (pink hunting gear): Passed the House and heads to the Senate.
  • Bills we’re following: See list below.

Bill List:

  • SB 55: Park entry license reform
  • SB 135: Habitat stamp usage for administrative expenses
  • SB 173: Landowner elk licenses (opposed)
  • SB 174: Non-resident habitat stamp fee increase
  • SB 195: Public land access (support)
  • HB 1064: Lake infrastructure funding
  • HB 1119: Habitat conservation specialty plate
  • HB 1180: Legislative oversight of GFP land purchases
  • HB 1228: Pink hunting gear (support)

Remember: We need your voice!

  • Contact your legislators: Express your concerns and support for these issues.
  • Stay informed: Attend hearings, watch committee meetings online, and share updates. South Dakota Legislative Research Council

Big Shout out to those that attended Camo Day on Monday and engaged with the legislators! Your voice was heard!

Together, we can ensure a vibrant future for South Dakota’s wildlife and outdoor heritage!

Stay Wild, Stay Engaged, Stay Camo!

Contribute or join the SDWF your support is vital to conservation in South Dakota! Click here.

P.S. Share this update with your fellow conservationists! The more informed and engaged we are, the stronger our impact will be.