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South Dakota Wildlife Federation Newsletter: Let’s Get Ready for the 99th Legislative Session!

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The gavel drops this week! The 99th South Dakota Legislative Session kicks off, and the South Dakota Wildlife Federation (SDWF) is gearing up to advocate for critical wildlife and conservation issues. This year, the stakes are higher than ever – with nearly 600 bills expected, navigating the legislative landscape will be crucial.

Meet your SDWF Lobbying team: This year, Mitch Richter and George Vandel will be on the front lines, representing your voice and the interests of South Dakota’s wildlife. Their decades of experience and dedication to conservation will be invaluable in ensuring our natural resources and outdoor heritage are protected.

5 Bills to Watch: While the full picture won’t unfold until January 31st (the last day for bill introduction), five key bills have already surfaced:

The Five Key Bills

  • SB 14 – Expand authorization for the conditional taking of coyotes from snowmobiles. More Information
  • SB 54 – Update hunting and fishing residency requirements. More Information
  • SB 55 – Remove multiple vehicle ownership as a condition for purchasing an additional park entry license at a reduced price. More Information
  • SB 70 – To make an appropriation for the replacement of the Richmond Lake dam and spillway, for the general maintenance and repair of other state-owned dams, and to declare an emergency. More Information
  • HB 1064 – Make an appropriation for increases in the construction costs of infrastructure at Lake Alvin and Newell Lake, and to declare an emergency. More Information

Stay Informed, Take Action: We encourage you to track these and other bills through the South Dakota Legislature website: Contact your legislators directly to express your concerns and support.

Mark Your Calendars: Join us for our CAMO Day at the Capitol! On February 12th, we’ll descend upon Pierre to directly engage with our elected officials on the most pressing wildlife issue of the day. Show your support and make your voice heard!

Together, we can ensure a vibrant future for South Dakota’s wildlife! Stay tuned for further updates and action alerts as the legislative session unfolds.
Remember, the future of our wildlife depends on us. Let’s make our voices heard!

P.S. Don’t forget! January 31st is the final day for bill introduction. Stay alert for new legislation and keep your eyes peeled for our CAMO Day details coming soon!