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South Dakota Wildlife Update: Legislative Roundup and Call to Action!

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Howdy, wildlife warriors! The legislative storm continues to rage, but thanks to your vigilance and advocacy, we’ve seen some significant victories for our wild companions.

Bills That Didn’t Pass the Test:

  • HB 1148: This bill, aiming to give the legislature authority over new and expanded campgrounds, was defeated in committee! Thanks to your voices, GFP maintains its vital role in managing our state’s outdoor spaces.
  • SB 121: Though initially introduced to improve public access to public property, concerns from counties led to adjustments. Senator Otten’s new placeholder bill, SB 195, seeks a solution acceptable to all parties. We’ll keep you updated!

Bills on Watch:

  • SB 14: Expanding snowmobile-based coyote hunting remains under scrutiny. We continue to monitor its progress and urge responsible wildlife management practices.
  • SB 55: While simplifying park entry licenses is positive, ensuring affordability and access for all remains crucial.
  • SB 135: This bill proposes funding administrative expenses from habitat stamp sales. We advocate for transparent use of these funds for direct habitat conservation.
  • SB 173: Discussions ongoing! Our stance remains firm: without provisions for public access to elk licenses, we oppose this landownership-focused bill.
  • SB 174 & HB 1119: These bills address increased non-resident habitat stamp fees and a new conservation specialty plate. We support initiatives that generate funding for wildlife habitat.
  • HB 1064 & HB 1180: Infrastructure improvements at Lake Alvin and Newell Lake, and legislative oversight of GFP land purchases, are under evaluation.

Remember: The fight isn’t over!

  • Track these bills:
  • Stay informed: Read updates, attend hearings, and share your concerns.
  • Contact your legislators: Make your voice heard on issues important to you and our wildlife.

Together, we can ensure a thriving future for South Dakota’s natural resources and amazing wildlife!

Stay Wild, Stay Active, Stay United!

The South Dakota Wildlife Federation

P.S. Don’t forget to mark your calendars for CAMO Day on February 12th! Show your support, engage with legislators, and let’s make a strong statement for conservation!