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The Big Win! GFP Commission vote on NRWaterfowl

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The GFP Commission backed down on their proposal to increase nonresident waterfowl licenses by 365. They did approve 105 additional permits for 3-day private land only permits.  50 in a unit involving Brown County and counties west to the Missouri and 55 in the larger “statewide” unit.  Neither of these 2 units have been selling out in the 1st draw.

Most nonresidents want to hunt in the 5 county area of the NE and no increases were made in either 3-day or 10-day “hunt anywhere” units.  The increase would limit additional nonresident pressure/competition on public land.  It does however provide commercial waterfowl operations in those units w/ additional private land permits.

The big “win” for our resident hunters is that we got the Commission’s attention.  We made a difference!  There were 237 comments opposed and only 7 in favor of the increase. Your comments were the key – both written, the phone calls to Commissioners and in person testimony.  Nice work folks!