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Week 2 South Dakota Legislative Session 2023

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Very slow week for bill introductions this week. The one bill of interest that came in on Friday morning is HB 1100 An Act to authorize landowner-on-own-land elk licenses. This is a similar bill to last years SB 184. That bill did not pass and you can see the bill and history of the bill here. The bill being offered this year is essentially the same bill. The bill does not specify bulls or cows but it does say it is not transferable. The bill does not have a hearing date yet nor has it been assigned to a committee. I’d guess it will be assigned to House Agriculture. You can find members of that committee and schedule with the link provided. The committee meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

Last day for bill introduction is February 2nd, so there are 8 more legislative days to see bills introduced by the executive and legislative branch.